Daydream Festival arrives to Barcelona on March 30 and 31. Would you be part of this dream?

Dream location

Our dream will take place at Bosque de la Roca, Barcelona.

Minimum age

The minimum age for Daydream Festival on both days is 18 years, no exceptions will be made.

You should be able to identify yourself, either with a passport or DNI.


Information about the ticket sales here soon!┬áStay tuned…


To bring medication on the festival site, the medication needs to be in a closed package and you will need an official declaration of a doctor. In case of doubt, medication will be checked.

People with disability

This is an outdoor festival. Therefore not everything will be easy accessible for wheelchairs. Our staff gladly likes to assist, when necessary. If assistance is needed, please ask at the info desk.

There is no handicapped parking available. If you are not able to cover the distance between the parking lot and the festival site, there is a possibility to arrive closer to the entrance by car. If you would like to use this possibility, please ask for assistance of traffic control.

On the festival site, there are toilets available for disabled guests. The toilets are located at the First-Aid posts.

Zero tolerance

Because of the strict drugs- and drugs usage rules and regulations, the organization applies a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. This means soft- and hard drugs, in any form, will not be accepted. Security will monitor strictly during entry through visitation and during the festival.


There are plenty of lockers available at Daydream Festival.